Snow In The Swamps of Louisiana


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For the second time this winter, it is snowing in the swamps of Louisiana.

People are still losing their ever-loving mind.

You would have thought Armageddon has started.

Snow is the evil incarnate.



To be a ghost.


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I’m tired of feeling like a ghost.

Tried of trying to connect with the people around me and they don’t connect back.

Ever since his passing. I don’t exist.

I’ve come to learn my place in reality now.

So It Snowed In The Swamps of Louisiana.


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Today has been a interesting day.

Louisiana gets snow about ever 10 yrs or so. Nothing that ever sticks. But today broke the record.

This is typically a Louisiana Snowman.

But I think Mother Nature & our faboulous state had a conversation something like this.

Mother Nature: You can’t have all the seasons in one week.

Louisiana: Hold my beer. 🍺

I wake up to a broken heater. It gave up on life in the middle of the night and was blowing cold air when I got up for work. It said it wasn’t ready…

Mad dash before leaving for work making sure the kids are going to be toasty. (You know because they cancelled school and all.) 

Open my front door, head outside to defrost my poor truck… She’s not liking this either.

Farking kidding me…. I still have to drive 45 minutes to work. It’s not so bad, but peps here can’t drive on dry roads on a good day.

I get to the local center to pick up my transport… Come outside and my truck is already covered again in Mother Natures white splooge… 

This accumulated on a random persons vehicle by the Mandeville Center.

Anyways, so for Christmas 2017, the children got to make a swamp snowman.

Today was a good day for the kiddos. 

Unfortunately, at 9:51p the white stuff is still lingering on the ground. Because it’s going to freeze tonight, the Parish put a 10pm curfew on us.

Tomorrow, everything will slushy or frozen puddles. This should be a interesting commute to work.

Have a wonderful day folks.

Much Love,

Baby Dragon 🐉

Reaching Out


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So, I did a thing. 

I reached out to the lady who killed my husband a little over 3 months ago.

(This is the lady.)

I sent her a text. I don’t know if she will respond. If she doesn’t, then I don’t think I will ever have peace of mind.

I wasn’t angry. Just wanted to know how she was holding up. honestly genuinely concerned. 

Today is not such a good day for me.

°°°Just Breathe°°°

I miss you Bear….



Feelings Suck… You will be my ending and you don’t even realize it.


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Feelings suck and I am caught in the middle.

Why do I do this to myself?

Because I got attached to you more then I should of?

Because being alone is the scariest thing on earth for me?

I am not talking about being with anyone sexually..

Just companionship. You are my best friend after I lost everything.

You managed to understand me in ways others don’t.

I promised you that I would never go away.

I would be here and here I am…

But you are toying with my emotions.

You may not mean to.

You communicate then ignore me for periods.

I wait for a connection again.

My emotions run rampant.

YOU – will be my ending and YOU don’t realize it.

You are my only connection with life and being able to feel. That is in your hands and I don’t think you realize it.

If you are keeping me around, then keep me. If you want me to go away, then tell me.




Started a New Job!


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I started a new job Monday – it is fairly easy.

Although I am in observation stage at the Center right now, I am doing fairly well and retaining this stuff from what I am told.

I am waiting for my class mates to all get situated before we get into the classroom situation. That could be another week before that all happens. In the mean time, I have some amazing teachers here that are showing me things.


So far I have been able to do all the things, except poke people. *SQUEE*

Well, I am going to go now, lunch is almost over.